Configure Azure AD as Open ID Identity Provider


This article documents how to configure Azure Active Directory as an Identity Provider to serve as authentication for users accessing agentless applications in the Trustgrid Portal.

Log in to azure via

  • Once logged in click on “Azure Active Directory”


  • On the left navigation click under “App Registrations” and create a new application


  • Once you’ve registered your application you need to make a note of the Application Client ID and Metadata endpoint that provides the Open ID metadata. You can find it by click on Endpoints at the top of the application.


  • Configure the Authentication piece of the Azure app next

  • Add a platform by selecting the “Web” type and add the following redirect uri and logout url and select both Access Tokens and ID tokens checkboxes.

Redirect URL

Logout URL


  • You need to create a secret for the authentication piece. You can select the expiration to be any of the selections. Please make a note of the value of the secret as that needs to be provided to Trustgrid

  • Once you’ve created the client secret now navigate to “Token Configuration” and add the “email” optional claim

This concludes the configuration in the Azure Portal. Please provide all of the following information to Trustgrid.

  1. Application Client ID

  2. Metadata Endpoint

  3. Secret Value