October 4, 2020 Release

Change to default Sniff Interface Filters

We have seen instances of running the Sniff Interface tools using the default filter degrading performance if the node is experiencing significant traffic.

Historically the default filter was icmp or tcp which would show all TCP traffic including communication with the control plane.

The new filter is not port 8443 and icmp which will only show icmp traffic.

  • not port 8443 will exclude all communication with the Control Plane

The intention is that you can replace icmpwith additional tcpdump filters that include only the traffic you wish to monitor. Please see the Sniff Interface Traffic page for more details including the Useful Filters section

Limited Number of Simultaneous Interactive Services

As another effort to protect against degrated performance we are now limiting the number of simultaneous instances of services that send large amounts of information such as Sniff Interfaces and Terminal. Going forward a node will only support 2 instances of each service type at one time. Exceeding this will generate a notice Too many consumers of the service. Please wait and try again.

Final Release with the Legacy Portal

This will be our final release the supports the original portal. If you haven’t already please use the “Try the New UI” button on the dashboard page and let us know if you have any issues.