Version 2.4.0 Release Notes

Release Notes

This release features:

  • Improved Audit Logs

  • Integrated Alerts to Other Applications (Slack, Teams, Pager Duty, etc.)

  • Various fixes and behind the scene improvements

Improved Audit Logs:

Trustgrid has implemented improvements to clarify the logs and make them more readable. Audits will also now display on node, domain, and cluster pages to see audit logs on only those items. We have also made the logs searchable so users can find exactly what they are looking more efficiently.

Overall, this is an improved audit UI to help understand recent configuration changes.

Integrated Alerts to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Pager Duty & etc:

Trustgrids’ integrated monitoring system produces alerts on hardware, OS, network and application layers. With this release those alerts can be now be integrated to your Slack and Microsoft Teams applications, as well as to Pager Duty and OpsGenie for escalation. These alerts have always been available as an email output to connect the ticketing system of your choice. Previously, it was a challenge to create alerts, with this update you can now create alerts that integrate with operations platforms to better monitor the Trustgrid network.

This integration supports advanced filtering so that only the alerts you want are escalated to the appropriate system. Filter alerts by:

  • Node

  • Type (All support alert types)

  • Domain

  • Threshold (Info, Warning, Error, Critical)

  • Text Match