June 2019 Release Notes

June Release Notes

This release features:

  • Last Heartbeat: An improvement over the red/green control plane indicator, the Last Heartbeat provides additional information about when the last update from the node was received. It works hand-in-hand with the control plane indicator.
  • Tail Audit Logs: The API can now expose the various audit log types, (Config, Authentication, Update). The Trustgrid API Swagger document has been updated for usage guideline.
  • Various bug fixes and behind the scene improvements

Last Heartbeat Update: 

Previously there could be some confusion about if a Trustgrid Node was connected to the Control Plane. The red/green control plane indicator only updated every 10 minutes and the Last Connect column showed the time of first connection to the Control Plane. Now the Last Heartbeat column shows the most recently heartbeat between the Node and the Control Plane, which happens every 5 minutes.

Tailing Audit Logs:

We now offer the ability to tail different audit log types, like configuration or authentication events. This provides Trustgrid customers with additional options for real-time integration of security logs into the security systems of their choice.

This can be viewed in the Trustgrid API documentation as well at Portal.trustgrid.io/api-docs/ui