April 2020 Release Notes

Trustgrid has released a number of new features in the past month. The features described below require that the Trustgrid node be upgraded to a version of 20200406 or newer to function.

Data Plane Status

Historically, the portal has only displayed if a node is connected to the Trustgrid control plane for management functionality. The new Data Plane Status feature displays if a node is able to connect to the Gateway nodes it is configured to talk to. Below are the statuses that can be reported:

  • Connected - The node is connected to all configured Gateway nodes

  • Degraded - The node is connected to at least one Gateway but also failing to connect to at least one other Gateway

  • Disconnected - The node cannot connect to any of the configured Gateways

  • Unsupported - This status is reported if the node is running a version prior to 20200406

  • Checking… - Briefly displayed while waiting for the node to report its current connections

VPN Statistics

Trustgrid nodes can now report statistics about traffic that is traversing a VPN connections. This data is collected at 1 minute polling intervals.

Graphs for these statistics are available under Configuration > VPN

The available data points are:

Flows - reports a unique connection, based on source/destination ip & port combination, across the VPN tunnel.

  • New Flows reports the number of flows since the last polling interval

  • Active Flows reports the number of flows active at the point of polling or uses the number of New Flows if that is greater





Traffic - This reports the amount of data sent or received across the VPN Tunnel









Gateway Ingress Limit Alert Type

Gateways are configured an Ingress Limit that specifies the maximum amount of bandwidth that allowed over its data plane connection. This new alert type allows an Alert Filter to be configured to send notifications when this limit is reached