User Management

User Roles

  • Monitor - read-only access to tabs below
    • Dashboard
    • Cluster
    • Nodes
    • API Access (Regenerate API Keys)
    • Operations
  • Operators -  Same access as Monitor plus limited management ability to the tabs below
    • Nodes (includes the ability to generate new licenses for adding nodes)
  • Node Administrator - All permissions of an operator. Cannot manage Gateway settings. Can manage the tabs below
    • APIs
    • Domains
    • Profiles
    • Clusters
    • API & User access
    • Certificates
    • Scripts
    • Organizations
  • Administrator - full access to all nodes and configuration options.

Invite a User

  • Inviting a user will send the user an invite email. When they sign in, they must use the same email that the invite was sent to, or they won't be added to your organization.
  • All users are required to use two factor authentication when accessing the portal. Trustgrid recommends Google Authenticator.
  • If a user should have access to all nodes in the portal, select the master organization. See Sub-organizations below.


  • Users may be assigned to a sub-organization which restricts access to Nodes
  • This is designed for Trustgrid customers who are granting access to information in the Portal to their end-users
  • All sub-organization users are read-only (Monitor)

API Permissions

  • API key for your user can be generated on this page. Anything that can be done in the UI can be done in the API (except for generating an API token). 
  • The client secret key will only be available at time of generation - if it's lost, the key will need to be regenerated.
  • API tokens are destroyed when a user's role changes.
  • In the API documentation (, clicking 'Authorize' at the top right will prompt for the API header.