February 2020 Release Notes

Release Notes Version c-5.0.1


Updated UI & Customizable Dashboard

Welcome to the new user interface of the Trustgrid portal. Trustgrid has made significant changes to the portal to make the website more clean and simplified. The new interface should feel very similar to our old one, but the colors and dashboards have been improved with the user in mind.

Default Dashboard: 


Trustgrid has also added the ability to make the default dashboard graphs customizable. With Trustgrid’s help users will now be able to change the real time graphs, data and time frames they view on the landing page or remove graphs they don’t need. Data can be viewed in dates, minutes, gigabytes & megabytes. Now users will be able to pinpoint the information they want to quickly access and pin it into their dashboards. New graphs have been added to compare node usages in the last month vs the last hour to show the overall functionality of nodes. Trustgrid has also added a node connectivity pie chart to show users quickly if there are offline nodes. This will help diagnose any problems and connectivity quickly. 

Cluster Master Status Visibility

Users will notice that the node table has moved to focus on clusters over the domain. We have also added a column to indicate which node is the master. Trustgrid is now using a crown icon to make it clear which cluster is the master for easy identification and to quickly make changes to the environment. 

This can be seen in both the Nodes table:

And in the individual node breakdown: 


Actions Drop Down

Trustgrid has made some changes to the actions available on the Domains, Clusters, API & User Access, Certificates, Scripts, Organizations, and Nodes pages of the portal. We have kept the “Add” action our principle action, but moved the other actions into a dropdown menu for a cleaner simplified look.


Updates to Operations Table & Flow Logs: 

The “Operations” tab is now organized a little differently. 

Users can now find a menu above the table to help navigate this tab. Alerts, Flow Logs, Authentication Audits, Node Audits or Node Update Events, and Configuration Changes have been moved so users can quickly navigate to the desired section quicker. Users will mainly notice that this data has now moved into a table and is no longer vertical. 

Sorting With Tags Columns

Tables are now sortable using Tags as custom columns. Use the Actions drop-down to customize the Columns visible and select the desired tag.

You can then sort the tab based on that Tag value.

Additionally, your custom column selections will be remembered next time you return to the Nodes table from that browser.

Tag-Based Alert Filtering

Alert Filters can now use a tag values applied to nodes to limit which devices generate alert notifications. For example, you could add a tag named prod_status to your nodes and set the value to production on devices actively in use. Then using the filter setting shown below only devices with that tag value would send alerts.

Node Alert API Timestamp Cursor

Trustgrid has updated the Alerts API to allow querying with a timestamp which will return only alerts occurring after that point in time.