June 2022 Release Notes

Faster Node Overview Graphs

With this release we have reduced the time it takes for the initial Overview graphs to load when you first navigate to the node.

New Time Range Selector

Previously the Trustgrid portal used a few different time range selectors on different pages, none of which were the most user friendly. Trustgrid is standardizing on a new selector shown below which some key new abilities:

  • Change from Local (browser) time zone to UTC

  • Switch from an Absolute (e.g June 1 at 10am to Jun 1 at 11am) to a Relative time (last X hours)

This new selector is in use at:

  • Flow Logs - Advanced Search

  • Data Plane - Gateway monitoring statistics

Data Plane Panel Improvements

Data Plan Monitor Graph

Previously the statistics for latency (visible after clicking on the name of a connected gateway) were shown in three separate graphs: min, max, and mean. This sometimes made it hard to compare as they had different scales. Now these data points are visible on a single graph. They can also be deselected with the graph scale adjusting automatically.

Sort Peers by Connected Status

Previously the connected status column didn’t allow you to sort. If you had a lot of connected peers and wanted to focus on disconnected ones it was a challenge. Now you can sort by clicking on the column header.

Node Location Tab

There is a new Location panel under History on the node detail page. This page allows you to:

  • Specify the Latitude and Longitude of used to display the location of the node on the network map. You can utilize a map such as Google Maps to determine these coordinates

  • Specify the City, State, Country and Zip where the node is deployed. Currently this is for informational purposes only and does not update the Lat/Long coordinates.


Flow Log Improvements

In addition to the new time range selector, we have also improved how advanced searches return results. Previously, if your search included a long time range or was run on a node with a lot of flows the system could return partial results. Now we’ve added a “Load More” button and additional results will be returned.

Access Policy Improvements

We’ve added several improvements to the Access Policy table for a virtual network.

  • You can now select and bulk delete rules

  • New destination objects of public and private