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4/1/2019 Release

This release features:

  • a UI redesign to reorganize many of the network configuration functions,
  • adds automated disaster recovery (site-to-site failover),
  • introduces the local user interface, 
  • enables syslog and real-time netflow on the Edge,

and addresses a number of minor defects and issues.

UI Redesign

The configuration of network interfaces and NAT rules have changed substantially.


NAT rules and Virtual Network configurations have moved to the VPN tab.The Firewall tab will be deprecated in future releases as current configurations are migrated to the VPN and Network tabs.

Network Objects and Groups

Trustgrid now supports network objects and groups to allow you to group hosts or networks and reuse those groups during configuration.

Automated Disaster Recovery (Edge Site to Site Failover)

Trustgrid is introducing it's first Edge site-to-site failover to support automated disaster recovery between Edge locations. Assign routing metrics to routes to enable automated failover when all nodes at a route become unavailable.

Local User Interface

Local User Interface enables reconfiguration of the network settings without connecting to Control Plane.

Syslog and Netflow at the Edge

Trustgrid now supports edge integration of syslog and real-time to Netflow. This allows sharing of system data with third-parties at the edge for those devices in their environments.